Promoting its insurance plan that covers any damage inflicted through no fault of the owner, Russian insurance brand Intouch worked on a stunt designed to demonstrate the unpredictable things that can happen to cars.

It dangled a 350kg grand piano, suspended by nine ropes, over a parked car Moscow garage. Twice a day for a whole week, a real random event determined the fate of each rope. For instance if it rained at some point during the day, or if oil prices went up, a rope was cut. The action was broadcasted live at and on Twitter (@carsvspiano.) Visitors to the site could vote for what they wanted the next random scenario to be.

The #carvspiano hashtag at one point became the second most trended topic on Russian Twitter, and 39% of visitors to the site returned again. Altogether, the numbers of visitors outstripped the media plan by 200%.

It's easy to come up a good english project name, but the translation might not be as easy if you're in Russia: