Why do kids nowadays spend less time with toys? There are lots of devices that can carry much more games, but something is missing. Something unique about physical toys that we can’t find in any app: imagination. Before, we had to come up with the sounds, noises, stories, villains, heroes, escape routes, etc. It wasn't just about pressing a button and seeing things happen. We were in control.

But instead of useless nostalgia, we wanted to make possible for 2014's kids to have the best from both worlds. From one side, the huge gamification and incredible experience that only apps can give and, on the other side, we wanted to give them back the space to be creative and use imagination.


Choosing the wheels & recording the engine.
In our app, kids could choose which ‘set of wheels’ they wanted to drive, and then simply record all sounds they wanted to personalize for their cars: horn, brake, acceleration, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th gears, and so on. Or go with standard sounds provided by our library.

Then, while playing, the app would use the gyroscope and accelerometer to provide a 6-axis motion sensing with precise sound feedback depending on any move the kid does. Imagination will have, once again, a role in kids play time.


Leveraged by imagination we are helping to develop ‘smart kids’ instead of simply ‘smart phones’. They will be able to explore all the ways one can imbue a sense of wonder and pure imagination in all we do, no matter if toys are made of metal or pixels.


VrumApp is an application that turns a mobile into a real racing experience, with a special feature: it's 100% imagination driven.