Air pollution is perhaps the most fundamental issue that we all fight against. At Greenpeace every Campaign Director pushes their teams to strive for real solutions to solve global issues, even with limited resources, assets, and budget. When they wondered what would be the simplest solution to motivate people to use public transportation instead of cars, the answer was simple: Business cards.

Through an initiative that turned a discardable piece of paper into a metro ticket, we found out that even business cards could become greener. The Eco Card is the first ever business card that works with the Moscow Metro System. It can be used by simply touching it on the turnstile to go for free.


Without spending a single dime from the Campaign’s budget, we were able to reinvent a millennial office brochure simply by using a true insight to get a very important message across, in a medium that became the solution itself.


There were three different levels of business cards depending on the job role, and who that representative would directly be in touch with. A card with 60 tickets could potentially reduce that person’s carbon footprint up to 85 kg. The one with 40 tickets, 57 kg. 28 kg for 20 tickets which compares to driving a car.