Everyday, thousands of cat pictures make us laugh. There’s another place, also full of cats, where they aren’t funny at all: the streets.

We at Friskies think cats are awesome. For us, they are daily invitations to a more vibrant world. That’s why we couldn’t be passive about this problem anymore, and developed a platform where anyone could help cats.


Because cats are territorial animals, they stay within the same spot on a street for a long period of time. This factor made it easy for us to create a real-time accurate map with every lost kitten, helping authorities and volunteers to get them back to people like Anna, Svetlana and Nadya, amongst many other owners, and counting.


Whenever a cat was spotted people could simply open Instagram and take a picture, tagging the nearest location with #friskieshelpcat.

Our platform fetches all these pictures and displays them in our Meme Generator library. Every picture was shared with a watermark and a link back to where users could see exactly where that cat was spotted.


sitesite is the Meme Generator that uses Instagram to locate abandoned cats.