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NIMB®, the smart ring with a panic button


AD - Leo Burnett
AD - Ogilvy & Mather
AD - Mr. Brain

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Cannes Lions 2x Silver Outdoor
Cannes Lions Bronze Outdoor
Cannes Lions Shortlist Outdoor
Cannes Lions Bronze Cyber
Cannes Lions Young Lion, Cyber
Cannes Lions Bronze Promo
Cannes Lions Shortlist Promo
Cannes Lions Silver Direct
Cannes Lions Bronze Media
Cannes Lions Bronze Press
Cannes Lions 2x Shortlist Design
London Gold Design
London Silver Ambient
FWA 2x Nominee SOTD
One Show Gold Interactive
One Show Silver Interactive
One Show 4x Merit Interactive
One Show #4 Most Awarded Creative, (Russia 2013)
ADC Gold Cyber
ADC Shortlist Cyber
Clio Bronze Innovative
Lürzers Archive #1 World's Art Director (2009, 2010)
Lürzers Archive 15x Campaigns Selected
Effie Awards Silver
SXSW Grand Jury 2014
SXSW Film Festival 2015 Audience Award
SXSW Film Design Award 2015 - Special Jury Recognition
SXSW Film Design Award 2015 Nominee
Sundance, Short Film Grand Jury Prize Nominee
AFI Fest, Grand Jury Prize, Nominee
BlackStar Film Festival Best Short Narrative
Chicago International Film Festival, Gold Hugo Nominee
Dallas Film Festival Grand Jury
IFFBoston Grand Jury
First Run 1st Prize Wasserman
Berlin International Film Festival, Golden Berlin Bear Nominee
African, Asian & Latin American FF of Milano Best African Short
Nashville Film Festival Honorable Mention
ILSF Most Engaging Film Winner
Fantastic Zagreb 2014 Official Selection
Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival 2015 Official Selection
EPICA Gold Outdoor
Eurobest Bronze Interactive
Eurobest Shortlist Interactive
Eurobest Shortlist Outdoor
Eurobest Shortlist Print
Golden Drum Gold Press
Golden Drum Silver Press
Golden Drum Silver Interactive
Golden Drum 2x Shortlist Interactive
Golden Drum Silver Outdoor
Golden Drum Shortlist Media
Golden Drum Shortlist Direct
El Sol Bronze Cyber
El Sol Shortlist Outdoor
CdeC In Book Interactive
Web Awards Small Business Standard of Excellence
Red Apple Gold Interactive
Red Apple Silver Interactive
Red Apple 4x Shortlist Interactive
Red Apple Silver Brand Awareness
Red Apple Shortlist TV&Cinema
Red Apple Shortlist Media
Red Apple Shortlist Promo
Red Apple Shortlist Press
Red Apple Shortlist Gaming
Golden Award Finalist Cyber
Proxy Awards Silver Cyber
Idea! Gold Online
Idea! Silver Promo
Idea! Silver Press
Idea! Silver Media
KIAF Gold Interactive
KIAF Silver Press
White Square Gold Interactive
White Square Silver Innovation
White Square Bronze Media
BestAdsonTV TOP5 Global Creatives
Golden Hammer Shortlist Interactive
Golden Hammer Shortlist Media
Caples Silver Microsite
Caples Shortlist Digital Content
Lusófonos Awards Bronze Direct Marketing
Cresta Awards Bronze Direct Marketing
Cresta Awards Finalist Promotions & Incentives
Inspirational Awards Nominated
Festival de la Publicidad Independiente Silver Direct Marketing
Meio&Mensagem "The Best of Centro-Oeste"
Prêmio Renato Castelo Branco
ACE Awards Winner (Short Video)
ACE Awards 2x Finalist
Colunistas São Paulo Grand Prix
Colunistas Brasil 4x Gold
Colunistas Brasília Professional Of the Year (2016)

Colunistas Brasília Art Director Of the Year (2008)
Colunistas Brasília Most Awarded Art Director
Colunistas Brasília 3x Grand Prix
Colunistas Brasília 14x Gold
Colunistas Brasília 14x Silver
Colunistas Brasília 7x Bronze
Gramado Silver Shortlist
Gramado 5x Shortlist Press


Executive Member of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences
Webby Awards
Lürzers Archive
Caples Awards
Tagline Awards
International Red Apple Festival
University of Oxford - Brazilian Society


TED, Speaker - “The DNA of daring people”

International Red Apple Festival - "Black Hat"
MGIMO - "Black Hat"

AKAR - "Black Hat"
MGIMO - "Lions"
Alfabank - "Lions"
LG - "Lions"
Nutricia - "3 things"
Unilever - "Jesus Christ!"

MGIMO - "We vs. Justin Bieber"
Unilever - "Forward thinking"
Lürzer's Archive Creative Club, Nigeria - v4
Lürzer's Archive Creative Club, Nigeria - v3
Lürzer's Archive Creative Club, Nigeria - v2
Lürzer's Archive Creative Club, Nigeria - v1

UnB - "Affordable Relevance!"
IESB - "Affordable Relevance!"
UNIEURO - "Affordable Relevance!"
PUC - "Affordable Relevance"


Anunciantes e agências se preparam para a GDPR

Os desafios do publicitário “mochileiro”, Meio&Mensagem newspaper
Criatividade em alta no vale, Meio&Mensagem newspaper

Advertising Professional of the Year
Life in Russia
Chemo Scarf Stories

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Bruno Ponzini - CD at R/GA

Lucas is far from a common boss. He is a true leader. An amazing creative director with huge creative capability and also highly skilled in managing teams, process and tasks. A professional you can trust 100% all the time, knowing that everything will be perfect at final. Excellent art director, excellent speaker, excellent strategist, that not just knows what to say, but also knows how to do. When your creative director becomes also your best friend during the process, you understand that everything was the way it should be. Thanks for trusting and letting us take part in your journey. Davai!

André Garcia - CEO at hiCar

The kind of leader who does not waste energy for anything. Quick decisions. Turn problems into solutions in a few seconds. Great seller. Awesome speech. He is always looking forward and seeking the highest place. His tireless creativity makes his team always fight for the best. This guy makes you discover qualities that you don't even know you have. Working for him was a challenge for me. I could not have less breath than him. I gained strength and I am very grateful to him for that. It was great to wish to conquer the world by his side. I recommend you to try too.

Andreas Toscano - CD at Google

Lucas was a true leader during the period we worked together: he proved his seniority performing as a true leader for his creative team and for his agency. Due to his active participation, we were able to get the results needed on a very tough project, under very tough deadlines. I'd recommend him as both a creative and as a creative director for whichever creative agency or task.

Eduardo Marques - CCO at 180LA

He has the advertising blood circulating... Lucas breathes creativity, eats ads and that makes him the best Advertising Encyclopedia I´ve ever seen. He never stops until he has the BEST. So, if you want the best, be with him aside.

Francisco Cassis - Partner & Global CCO at DAVID The Agency

Lucas is maybe the most hardworking professional I've ever met. He is brilliant. And the most important thing is that he is a good guy. So, a very creative and very good person. Amazing.

Paulo Areas - ECD at Ogilvy & Mather

A very talented and passionate professional, Lucas is the kind of person is nice to have around. He has a clear picture of where he wants to go and what he wants to achieve, and his creativity and dedication will surely get him there.

Gilberto Barros - ECD at Mullen Lowe

Lucas is one of the most talented creatives I've ever worked with. Despite being under the 30's, his seniority is impressive. He is always bringing great creative solutions, sometimes using resources that nobody could imagine. It was a pleasure working with Lucas.

Fred Bosch - CD at DAVID Madrid

Trabajar con Lucas es una experiencia diferente. Es un gran creativo y siempre aporta algo nuevo a los proyectos... ideas frescas y, sobre todo, interactivas. Además, en el ambito personal, es una gran persona y un gran amigo... y tiene el pelo más bonito de la agencia (varias personas lo han comentado).

Rodrigo Linhares - CD at Pinterest

Lucas is an outstanding creative leader with great and innovative ideas! He can see beyond the advertising and come up with amazing solutions in any situation. It's an easy-going person who always gives an extra boost to the works. It's great to work with him.

Sandra Lehnst - former CEO at Lürzer's Archive

Lucas is very creative and can work well in international projects like ours between BBDO and Lürzer's ARCHIVE. The results of the campaign were seen at Cannes Lions and brought a great impact for Lürzer's ARCHIVE. Well Done Lucas! Wish to see you again in the international advertising world.

Cassio Guiot - GCD at Grupo Rái

Lucas was the most expressive and brilliant mind I could work with. Not by the complexity of ideas but by the creative simplicity he has. These 360 + 5 days together at Fields360 were not working days, but days of learning. So, i hope to learn more and to share in the near future great results with that awesome professional.

Gustavo Levi - Brand Specialist at Red Bull

Lucas is one of the most incredible professional that I had the chance to meet. He is a very committed and motivated professional that always inspires and pushes everyone around him. His willingness, dedication, creativity, and responsibility are outstanding. It doesn't matter for how long you know him, he always find a way to surprise you with his knowledge and sharp mind. He is an immeasurable asset for any company that is willing to be relevant in the market. Have I mentioned that he is also funny? The whole package.

Kirill Zhukov - MD at Havas Digital

Sometimes in our lifes we meet so professional people that they are much bigger and effective than some departments, or even companies. This kind of person can not just follow rules, but more important - create new ones that drive other people and make this world spin. Lucas is one of them.

Sarah Okrent - Head of Creative Services at Mullen Lowe

Lucas has an amazingly creative mind. He is full of truly unique and forward thinking ideas and is able to implement them thoroughly. He has a fantastic work ethic and is a pleasure to work with.

Waltinho Ferrari - CEO at Azzurra Digital

No-one has a bolder view of the business like this man does. It's amazing how he can come up with solutions that fit both effectiveness and awesomeness. Here's my guess: he is what and who the future of advertising is waiting for.

Bruno Nakano - CD at Facebook Inc.

Lucas is your guy if you're looking for someone who is passionate about what they do. One of the best conceptual thinker I've ever seen. His dedication comes through in his work. He truly knows the digital world, business side, and client issues. Also, one of the funniest and interesting guys too. Did I mention he's a great singer?

Polina Zabrodskaya - CD at AMV BBDO

We worked with Lucas on several projects and all I can say is: no day without a surprise. He’s totally unpredictable; you can never tell what’s going on inside his smart head. And when you think you've seen everything - there's always something left in store. That’s a great thing for a creative, right?

Vasily Bogdanov - Co-owner / CD at Little Big Agency

Brilliant workmate and just an awesome guy! High-skilled professional, the owner of a huge number of awards and a nice sense of humor. Optimistic and easy to communicate.

Ilya Andreyev - CD at BBDO

It was a great pleasure for me to be part of one team with Lucas in Proximity Russia/BBDO. We worked on many challenging projects for clients from various industries: financial services, logistics, FMCG. The synergy of the team where Lucas's input was significantly noticeable helped us to deliver hi-end class work that was highly appreciated not only by clients and their consumers but also by Cannes Lions cyber jury in 2012.

Yury Naon - Client Partner at Havas Digital

This is a person whom I recommend with pleasure and jealousy as this is a diamond you always want for yourself. You will never regret you meet him as a person and will thank the Universe if he's in your team. A man of 1000 talents. Very smart and sharp-witted, true hard worker with pure view on things and great communication skills. Understands the business, people, the context and environment of the projects with very specific details. One of the best presenter I've ever worked with or ever seen. Can speak simply of complicated things. Very good at managing the team or a process in different roles. Makes any process go so easy and joyful you won't believe it is happening. Can inspire you with a couple of words or a conversation if he sees you encounter problems, even internal ones. Always on a roll. He is the spark you are looking for.

Andrey Myzdrikov - CEO at SailPlay

Lucas is the strongest cocktail of different talents that I saw in my life. He is a true leader who can take the whole team and go together to the very end through day and night to create the best solution. I don't remember how many times I asked Lucas how such wonderful ideas could come into his head but this was really a big surprise to me because his way of thinking is completely different and could create amazing things. Working process with Lucas is really not usual working time because u are totally in the process of making a piece of art!

Diego Isaac - COO at Azzurra Digital

Lucas is the most creative professional I´ve ever known. He brings the best solutions to the worst problems. In spite of all, he´s simple and objective. Totally recommended as the best art director I´ve worked with.

Rodrigo Resende - CD at BBDO

Lucas is a passionate and talented art director. He´s always looking for the best ideas, no matter the size of the client he´s working for. Great creative, great teamate.

Roberto Soares - Sysadmin at Layer 6 AI

Lucas is by far the most talented and creative professional I know. His work is mind blowing, always introducing new concepts, new points of view from a completely new perspective. I would definitely recommend him.